Tips From Moms For Portrait Day
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Happy April!  Oh how I love spring, and the rebirth of all things lovely.  Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, the spring dresses are coming out.  And spring sessions are just around the corner.  

If you're anything like me, you're ready to burn the snow pants and boots, and get your kids OUTSIDE already!  And maybe you're ready to celebrate spring with some family portraits.  In anticipation of such spring sessions, I thought it would be super fun to gather the advice of other moms out there.  I asked a dozen of the moms who've already braved "Portrait Day", and asked them for their words of wisdom.  Here's what they had to say.


1. Kim C.

Make it fun... not a chore... like a field trip!  And go somewhere afterwards for a treat for a job well done.  Let them know about it in advance as an incentive.  But most of all have fun!  Think outside the box!




2. Laurie S.

Have patience!  Enjoy spending time with each other.



3. Missy A.

Timing is everything!  My kids are different people throughout the day.  Try to schedule a time when they will all hopefully be in their right minds!




4. Amy A.

Feed everyone beforehand... including your spouse and yourself.  It's hard to fake cheeriness if you are cranky!




5. Kim K.

Keep it light, organic, and short.  Don't expect a ton of formal poses.  Definitely take them out for a treat afterward.  Ask your photographer for advice on color themes for clothing.  He/she knows what looks good. 




6. Amy R.

Keep it light and carefree.  Candid shots are so fun!





7. Val O.

Umm... do you not remember our portrait session when I was ready to strangle Christopher???  Why in the world would you ask me for advice?  Take an extra Prozac... that's my advice!!!  

(editor's note- I LOVE this response because it speaks to the reality of being a mom on Portrait Day.  I love Val's honesty and humor, two traits necessary to have a successful Portrait Day!)




8. Laurie S.

Lay guilt on them!



9. Tammy B.

My preteens were hard to get cooperation from.  I told them that this day was about me and what I wanted, and not about them and what they wanted, and that the more they cooperated, the sooner we would be done.  Other than that, making sure they loved the clothes I picked for them to wear helped.  Once they were on board with that, everything went very smoothly.




10. Lori M.

I would suggest asking them what poses and location they may want.  For us, getting daddy and daughter shots were a must.  Or finding a favorite place, like Valley Forge.  Fayth also liked getting her hair styled that day.  It made the day more of a special occasion.



11. Amy H.

Try to be relaxed.  Make sure the kids are fed prior, and let everyone have an input on colors and clothes they want to wear.



12. Carolyn R.

I think my biggest take away was to be flexible.  I wanted to have a plan for outfits, but also needed to be flexible at the last minute so my family members would be happy.  I wanted them to have genuine smiles, and not be worried about their clothes.  Flexibility was important.

And there you have it!  These are some wise women, with some beautiful families.  Thank you ladies, for sharing your advice with us.  For those reading, be encouraged by these words, then grab your beautiful family, and enjoy your own "Portrait Day"!

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Kimberly - Love these ideas.. thank you for all you do. .you are such an inspiration! !