Three Treasures To Keep For Our Daughters
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By Jennifer Lebo
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I don't know why, but it's been happening a lot lately.  

She's only ten years old, and yet lately when I look at her, I see time passing us by.  And doing so way too quickly.

My daughter is one in a million.  Stuck between two brothers, she is literally and figuratively the center of our family.  She is a wonderful combination of dirt and grime mixed with ribbons and bows, and wrapped up in a little more sass than I'd like these days.  But she is such a treasure.  She is, hands down, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life, and despite the fact that we already butt heads on a daily basis, I love her so much it actually hurts sometimes.

Oh you have a daughter like that, too?  I thought you did.

Our little girls are growing up fast.  Too fast!  Before we know it, they'll be (gasp!) teenagers, or headed off to college, or (oh my goodness!) getting married and starting families of their own.  As we prepare our little girls to head off on their own journeys, let's set aside some of our own personal treasures for them.  They may be young now, but someday these few items will be a precious gift to them.



It's probably safe to say that we all have our wedding gown somewhere, pressed and put away, ready to pass down to our daughter someday.  I hate to admit this so many years later, but mine is scrunched in a box somewhere, not neatly pressed and presentable.  Still, my husband may not understand this, but I'll never toss it.  I'm pretty sure my daughter will look at that dress someday and giggle and wonder how anyone could get married in such a outdated, out of style, fuddy dudd dress, but it's still hers if she wants it.  The dress I wore on the most beautiful day of my life.  The dress that started "us", and led to her. She may never wear it, but she can always have it and know how happy her mother was in that dress that day.



I'm a sentimental fool, aren't I?  But yes, I have my kids' hospital clothes each in a ziplock bag for them to have someday.  In that bag, along with those teeny tiny clothes, I have the little hospital cap they wore, their hospital wrist band and mine, and a little letter I wrote to them about that day.  Most of the other baby clothes are long gone from our house, but that one outfit with that precious little striped cap is saved.  Someday I'll give that little treasure to my daughter.  Perhaps when she becomes a mom herself.  Then she'll understand what a gift she was that day.  She'll know what I feel every time I take that little bag out and hold it in my hands and remember.  She'll know what a treasure that bag is, what a treasure she is.


I might be partial to this one because I am such a visual person.  But one of my favorite things to do when I visit my parents is to pour over the family photos.  Pictures of my dad as a little kid with my grandma (she was so beautiful!), or photos of my mom playing outside with her siblings (what a crazy and happy group!), or photos of my parents at my age, raising us kids.  There is something so beautiful about remembering.

This last treasure has had me thinking.  After all, my family's photos are piled in a box in my parents' garage, and there is no rhyme or reason to anything.  I've been thinking how special it would be to create an actual treasure for my own daughter.  Images of just the two of us, beautiful portraits of us together during this special time in her life, bound in a special album that I can treasure today, and she can treasure tomorrow.

This is something I'm going to create for her.  And something I'm going to create for all moms.  For all daughters.


I'm so excited to offer this new treasure to moms.  I'm still working on the details, but it will be available this summer.  I cannot think of a better treasure to create for my daughter and me than a precious collection of memories celebrating our special connection.  I can't wait to create this for us, and for all moms and daughters.

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