Three Great Poses for Girls (And One Big NO NO!)
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I love photographing girls!  Little girls and older girls.  High school seniors, or real life seniors.  Girls solo, best friends, or the whole crew!  Girls are so beautiful and so fun, so aware of the gift of portraits.  And it just makes my job the best in the world.

I'm getting ready to photograph a wonderful group of girls tomorrow.  Perhaps my favorite kind of group.  A group of mothers and their daughters.  Over the last few months, my business vision and mission have changed, and come into great focus.  My eyes have been opened to the importance of sharing our beauty as women, and the great importance of leaving our legacy of beauty for the girls we call our daughters.  This weekend's portrait session is one of the first of many exciting plans I have for moms and women everywhere.  And so, as I begin preparing for the session, and considering the best poses for the ladies who will be in front of my camera, I thought I'd share with you my favorite "go to" poses for the girls in your photos.  And maybe one "NO NO" for posing girls

By the way, you can read about the new vision for Jen Lebo Photography RIGHT HERE IN THIS BLOG POST.



I prefer to photograph almost every girl from an elevated position.  This doesn't mean I need to get on a step ladder.  It just means maybe I get a few inches higher than her eyes.  Maybe I have her lean on a fence or a wall to bring her down from me, or maybe I pop up on a step nearby or a sidewalk.  But I am constantly aware of whether my camera is a few inches higher than her eyes.  This helps for several reasons.  First, shooting a bit down on her will allow nice light into her eyes (from the sun above us).  Second it will give her a slimmer, more feminine appearance.  If I were to lower my camera adn shoot her straight on or from below, she would have a stronger more masculine appearance (this is a great option for boys), but even just an inch or two higher slims her down and puts the focus on her eyes, her face, and her shoulders.  These are absolutely the most beautiful features, those features we want to focus on.  So just a slight elevation from your camera to her eyes creates a beautiful pose.




I love this pose on girls of all ages and sizes.  Have your subject turn her shoulders away from the camera, but not so far that you're getting more of her back than her front.  Then have her gently turn her chin back to her shoulder so that her face is back towards you.  In this way, you are slimming her shoulders and having her bend her neck.  Any double chin is gone as you are slightly stretching her chin and neck.  This is also a lovely pose for younger girls.  It does not give out that "sexy" vibe but looks beautiful and feminine.  Just remember not to turn her shoulders too much away from your camera.  You do want to photograph her front, not her back.




When you are photographing girls, you want to make sure to turn their hips toward the side.  Otherwise, the viewers eyes will be most drawn to the widest part of her body in the shot.  And if her hips are straight on to your camera, that will be her hips.  And my guess is that no girl wants her hips to be the eye-catcher of the shot.  So turn her hips to the side.  Have her put her weight back onto that back leg and watch that waist and hip area get cut in half.  Super easy, supper effective.  Turn to the side, weight on the back leg.  Score!




Along the same lines as pose 3, my no no is simple.  Never photograph a woman with her hips straight on to the camera.  First of all, as mentioned earlier, it widens your subject and no woman wants to be widened!  But second of all it creates a more masculine pose.  Think Superman.  Straight on, hands on hips, looking slightly down to the camera (which we know is not the best for our women either).  Very wide, very strong, very masculine.  Not the best option for a girl.  We went to soften our female subjects, create feminine edges, not hard ones.  So before all else, make sure her hips are not straight on to the camera.

I hope these tips help you as you photograph the ladies in your life.  Bring out their beauty with these beautiful poses.  Then share their beautiful with them, and with others! 

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Jen L - Amy, yes that was taken on the front prairie of our school's campus. I LOVE living here!!! Stephanie, thank you so much! I love sharing this stuff! Enjoy!
Amy - Good stuff! Is that last photo of the young woman taken on campus? That's the background I would love for some family photos this with blue sky and mountains in the background. Beautiful!
Stephanie Franek - Thank you Jen!!! Great tips for taking photos at any time!! Thank you for posting!!