Three Great Poses for Boys (And One Big NO NO!)
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Last month, I wrote a post with some quick tips for posing girls.  You can read it HERE.  But this month is all about our boys.  And we know that boys want to be viewed quite differently than their sisters.  Boys, young or old, want to be photographed as strong, masculine, as powerful.  However, this does not mean that we just throw our boys in front of our camera and shoot.  There are a few simple ways to create fantastic portraits of our boys, while still allowing them to look strong and rugged, like they want to be.  Portraits don't have to be "pretty", but they should be thought out and purposeful.  Here are a few quick and effective poses for our boys.



While we emphasize flattering our girls by turning them to the side and slenderizing them, we want to do the opposite with our boys.  Let your boys stand front and center.  Have them separate their feet a little bit, and stand facing your camera, hips turned right to you.  This will widen our boys, making them look larger and more masculine.  



This is a great way to let our boys appear relaxed and casual in a portrait, while still posing and planning the shot.  Have your boy separate his feet to about shoulder width.  Then have him lean forward and just rest his elbows or forearms on his knees.  Legs open, chest leaned forward, arms relaxed in front.  Unlike when we encourage our girls to close their knees, cross their legs or ankles, and sit more properly, this pose is great for our boys.  I especially love it with younger boys, as it makes them look like little men.



Another quick and easy way to "boy up" your photo is to have your guy cross his arms.  Not too tight (we want masculine, not stuffy or angry), but just loosely crossed.  Maybe elevate the chin a bit too.  This quick adjustment will give your boy a stronger stance.  It will also give him something to do with his hands, which is often an issue, especially with little boys.  



I have learned over the years not to pose boys on the ground, on their tummies, with their arms folded underneath their chins.  This is a GREAT pose for girls!  It is super cute and almost portrays a sense of sweet innocence.  But it might be too feminine for our boys.  If you want to set up your shot with your boy lying on the ground, at the very least keep his hands out from under his chin.  Let them rest on the ground.  Try to decreace that sweet femininity.  And if at all possible, keep them off their tummies.


And there you have it.  A few quick adjustments and your boys appear stronger, more masculine, more powerful.  Like Superman!  Keep these in mind the next time you take your little super heroes out for photos!

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