The Official Colorado Springs Launch
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By Jennifer Lebo
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Happy June and Happy Summer!

I have been waiting, dreaming, and planning for today for a long time.  Because all year, while we were back here in our favorite place in the world, and I was blogging and sharing and shooting again, I had been waiting to "hang up my shingle".  

Well, consider that shingle up!





This is so special to me for several reasons. Of course, I'm thrilled at the idea of meeting new families, new high school seniors, and of filling my calendar with the most amazing Coloradans. But there's even more this time, because I've rediscovered my joy of teaching and it's completed the trifecta of what makes JLP unique.

I'm a portrait photographer. I'm a mom. I'm a teacher.

I understand and am passionate about the craft of portrait photography. But I'm a mom too, which is probably my strongest skill set when it comes to shooting. Which means I get kids. I get YOUR kids. When moms speak about my work, they speak more about my ability to connect with their kids than almost anything else. I'm a Momtographer!


 And now there's the teaching. I love this! Because I can't be there with you every time your kids do something amazing (which is kind of all the time- or is that something insane that they are always doing?). So my mission has expanded to teaching. I want to equip YOU to handle your own camera, so that you won't miss a single moment in the beautiful and chaotic everyday life of your family.

Shooting. Mommying. Teaching. My unique trifecta.



So YAY!  JLP is officially open for business, serving the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas!

Great.  But what's this about getting a FREE PORTRAIT SESSION???

Oh yeah!  I'm so excited to get this party started that I'm gifting my FIRST FIVE BOOKINGS with a FREE PORTRAIT SESSION!  That means they pay absolutely no session fee!  The fee's on me.  

And by the way, that goes for any booking- family portraits, senior portraits, babies, engagement, whatever!

 You need to jump on this!  I'm only offering this treat to my FIRST FIVE bookings, so you better not wait!

Summer is finally here and so is Jen Lebo Photography!  Let's do this!


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