Teach Me How To Give
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By Jennifer Lebo
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Today's blog post will be short and sweet, but I hope will spark conversation, or thought, or even better... action.

I have been thinking a lot lately about giving.  Between the current state of our country and its politics, the wonderful stories behind the Summer Olympics, and even the inspiring stories I find on social media each day, I am struck by how much we can give, and how sometimes, we forget to give.

I've also been reminded a lot lately of my faith, and what God calls each of us who call ourselves Christ followers to do.  Give.  Love.  Serve.

And so I've been thinking a lot about this.  I want to give more, love more, serve more.  Particularly with my camera.


I'm not writing you with an answer.  I am at the beginning of this journey, but want very much to pursue giving and serving with my camera.  

I write you today with a desire to hear from you.  I write you today with questions.

Where do you see love and service in your life?  

How can you give more with what you've been giving?

What about me?  How can a woman with a camera serve those around her?

I'm all ears and would love to hear your thoughts!

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Jennifer Lebo - Thank you for that reminder, Mom! I have a great example of service in you. I hope Good News Club is huge this year too!
Mary Jane Sparacio - You serve not just with your camera but in many other ways. Your blog is also a way of serving others.
Mary Jane Sparacio - Love the children. I'm praying for a big Good News Club registration sign up this afternoon.