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What's Your Story?
What's Your Story?

 It hit me like a two by four over the head this morning.  I was enjoying my quiet time with God, coffee in one hand, pen in the other, Bible laid out before me.  I’d been reading through the gospels, searching for truth in the actual words of Jesus, rather than in the words of those around me.  Over the past few months, and even years, way too many questions had been surfacing in my heart concerning my faith, my life, my work, my purpose.  So I’d been searching in the one place I’d always found trustworthy.And there it was.  In Luke chapter 3, John the Baptist is asked, “What should we do then [to produce good fruit, to be good children of God]?”  In verse 11, he answers, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.”  If we want to produce good fruit, to live a life for God, then we should be giving what we have to those who don’t have.  As a Christian, this should be of utmost importance to me. Now, of course, this is not the first time I’ve been hit with this two by four.  The Bible, particularly the gospels, overflow with this truth.  Jesus tells us to give, and He shows us how.  He feeds the poor.  He hangs out with the very people He is expected to shun.  He lives it.  And ...

How I Use Pinterest For Portraits
What's Your Story?

I love Pinterest!  My friends always know what's going on in my life just by my recent "pins".  I actually had a friend email me last week wishing me good luck on our upcoming housing move.  I had not told her we were moving.  She just saw all of my recent pins on home decor and refinishing furniture!  Yes, Pinterest is one of my favorite tools for everything from home decor to parenting, from fashion to workouts to party planning.  Pinterest is my planning partner.And that goes for Portrait Day planning too!  Here are a few ways that I use Pinterest when preparing for a portrait session. 1. DECIDING WHAT TO WEARThis is one of the first pieces to consider when planning a portrait session, and Pinterest is a great place to begin organizing this.  There are endless pins and pages on great outfit combinations, how to dress your kids, your husband, yourself, in whatever season, and in whatever style.  I often send moms to my "What to Wear" Pinterest board as a starting place for them to get ideas on outfit choices.  What better way to begin planning for portraits than by actually visualizing wardrobe options?  And by the way, this idea goes TENFOLD for planning senior photo sessions!    2. CHOOSING A COLOR PALETTEBeyond just choosing what to wear, it's sometimes difficult to consider whether orange really ...

My Craziest Portrait Session Experience
What's Your Story?

There I was squatting on the steps of the Art Museum in Philadelphia, beads of sweat pouring down my temples, partly from the sweltering heat, and partly from the stares from strangers walking by.  Just me, my camera, and three lovely young ladies in beautiful dresses, posing under the August heat, one of their moms holding a reflector beneath them.  What in the world was I doing here?  Why had I thought a Philly photo shoot would be a good idea?  This had to be the craziest session I'd ever shot.That session was almost 3 years ago, and I still break out into a sweat when I remember that moment on the Art Museum steps.  But as surely as I would say that session was the craziest one to date, it also ranks up there with being one of my all time favorite photographic experiences.  Because for every fear, for every uncertainty, there was a powerful lesson learned, one that I can carry with me through my business and through life.  Perhaps these lessons might resonate with you too.   CRAZY POINT 1- I HATE CITIES!I have never been a city girl.  Put me on the busy streets of any city, and my body immediately tenses up.  Put me behind the wheel on one of those streets, and I'm a wreck.  So why in the world would i choose to bring 3 teenaged girls and one mom into the city?  Why would I begin a photo shoot with extreme ...