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Five Books Every Daughter Mom Needs To Read
Five Books Every Daughter Mom Needs To Read

 Every woman should have a “happy place”.   A place where she goes to take care of herself, to recharge her batter, to “fill her cup”. Do you have a “happy place”? Maybe yours is on your back deck, with a glass of wine, dipping your feet in the pool at sunset.  Or maybe it’s at the spa, getting a massage, releasing all the tension of the day, week, month. Maybe it’s a night out with your best friends, or a date with your husband, or a morning at the gym with your workout buddy. All those things sound divine to me!  Don’t they? But while they do sound lovely, none of these are my true “happy place”.  For me, it’s always been the same. My happy place is downstairs, in my favorite chair, early in the morning, before anyone else is up, with that first cup of coffee, and a good book.  Preferably during summer months, when things slow down a bit. When I can hear the sounds of chirping birds and watch the sun come up through the windows, the dog sleeping happily at my feet.  I love spending my summer mornings like this. Which is why I’m on the lookout for the dozen or so books that will accompany me in my happy place this summer. I’ve always been an avid reader, and so it makes sense that books are always a part of my summer ...

Why This Is Us Is Our Family Show
Five Books Every Daughter Mom Needs To Read

 **** SPOILER ALERT!****  This blog post does contain some spoilers of our favorite show, This Is Us.  Proceed with caution! When we gather together, the five of us cuddled onto two couches, on Wednesday nights, I know that we’re making memories.  The fact that we all choose to wait until the following night to watch it, so that we can ALL watch it together. The fact that it’s never a question that we will not watch it unless we are all present.  The fact that all chatter stops, any bickering, all distractions fade away.  We are one family, watching another family. And while that other family may be fictional, in so many ways they are just like us.   This Is Us. It’s become our family show, and I love that every one of the five of us will always remember this show and the way it made us feel. I know our family is not the only one sitting in front of the TV on “This Is Us” night (although most families are watching on Tuesdays, not Wednesdays).  Millions of us love this show. There’s something about a show that can have you laughing AND crying at the same time. And yes, that happens often- almost every week! But there is something so special about this show for me.  It’s a show about an imperfect family, trying desperately to love each other, through tragedy and joy, ...

Three Confidence Builders You Have To Try Today
Five Books Every Daughter Mom Needs To Read

 I seriously love my life! I spend my days in the classroom with the sweetest, most energetic 9th grade girls.  I spend my nights in a dormitory, chatting and studying and eating cake with my house girls.  On the weekends, I often grab my camera and capture portraits for local high school girls. And I get to live everyday as mom to the most special of all tween girls.  (We have two boys too- they’re ok… JK!) Seriously, some days are a struggle, but most days I just love the time I get to spend with all these amazing girls! Teen girls are exceptional.  They are bright, beautiful, full of energy and endless questions.  They are precious. But they are too often blind to all of this.  Clueless. Unaware of their beautiful smiles, their captivating hearts, their powerful skills.  Overwhelmed instead with insecurity and low self esteem. So what can we do?   We can build up their self esteem with these THREE SIMPLE CONFIDENCE BUILDERS.  1. SPEND QUALITY TIME TOGETHERThis one is so easy, and can be so fun!  Go grab coffee together, or lunch, or take a shopping trip.  No money? No problem! A simple walk is a great idea. Bring the dog- he’s the only one allowed to join you because he won’t interrupt.  Share time together sitting on her bed at night, or on your bed. ...

My Mom Was Right (And I Am NOT Happy About It!)
Five Books Every Daughter Mom Needs To Read

 It happens every single time.  I’ll walk into my daughter’s room and find her sobbing over something horrible that happened at school that day.  Or I’ll be making the kids’ lunches, and I’ll look at her lunch tote, and this overwhelming fear will hit me, as I imagine her sitting completely alone at lunch.  Or I’ll notice a boy’s name doodled on a piece of paper on her desk and I’ll wonder… what worries me more- that he doesn’t like her back, or that he does? And every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME, I will hear my mother’s words playing in my mind, saying, “Girls are SO MUCH HARDER to raise than boys”. EVERY.  SINGLE. TIME. I might have been a teen the first time I heard my mother say those words.  And I remember getting defensive, and well, just outright pissed about it. What the heck, Mom?  I’m like the greatest daughter to ever walk the earth! Yeah, I think I thought something like that.   In any event, I didn’t really know what she meant, and I took it personally.  I still had no clue when I had my own daughter, more than a decade later. No, it wasn’t until my own daughter hit those delicate, hormone driven, emotional roller-coaster, “Holy Cow, who is this stranger in my house and why does she hate me so ...

Three Treasures To Keep For Our Daughters
Five Books Every Daughter Mom Needs To Read

 I don't know why, but it's been happening a lot lately.  She's only ten years old, and yet lately when I look at her, I see time passing us by.  And doing so way too quickly.My daughter is one in a million.  Stuck between two brothers, she is literally and figuratively the center of our family.  She is a wonderful combination of dirt and grime mixed with ribbons and bows, and wrapped up in a little more sass than I'd like these days.  But she is such a treasure.  She is, hands down, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life, and despite the fact that we already butt heads on a daily basis, I love her so much it actually hurts sometimes.Oh you have a daughter like that, too?  I thought you did. Our little girls are growing up fast.  Too fast!  Before we know it, they'll be (gasp!) teenagers, or headed off to college, or (oh my goodness!) getting married and starting families of their own.  As we prepare our little girls to head off on their own journeys, let's set aside some of our own personal treasures for them.  They may be young now, but someday these few items will be a precious gift to them. 1. OUR WEDDING GOWNIt's probably safe to say that we all have our wedding gown somewhere, pressed and put away, ready to pass down to our daughter someday.  I hate to admit this so many ...