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Why Moms Need to Stop Hiding Behind the Camera
Why Moms Need to Stop Hiding Behind the Camera

 There is one MUST HAVE portrait when it comes to every high school senior that I photograph.  It’s not the perfect headshot, and it’s not the one of her standing in a meadow at sunset. It’s not the classic smile, the thoughtful soul, it’s not the senior looking out towards her future. No, the one MUST shot I always try to get is beautiful senior with proud mama. BUT… knowing this, I know that I have to warn mom long before the session takes place.  And I also know that I have to be prepared to talk her down from protests and anxiety, from all the “Oh no, I don’t want to be in any of the photos.  I just want ones of her.” I need to let mom know why this is my MUST HAVE portrait, and why she’ll thank me for it someday- IF I do it correctly (and I always do).  ;)  So let’s unpack this today.   Let me share with you why we moms (and I say WE, because I am guilty of this, too) need to step out from behind the camera and join our daughters in front of it.  I’ll also share some tips on HOW to do this, but let’s start with WHY. WHY WE NEED TO STOP HIDING BEHIND THE CAMERA 1. They Need MemoriesOne of my favorite things to do when I go home to visit my parents, is to pour over old photos with them.  I love seeing photos of both my mom and ...

Quick Pic Tip: The Five Second Rule
Why Moms Need to Stop Hiding Behind the Camera

 Today’s gonna be a sweet and shallow day! What I mean is that I’ve been taking us rather deep for the last couple of weeks.  I’ve shared my thoughts on starting the journey again, we’ve dug deep into our WHYs, and we’ve even set some Mom goals together.   So today, I want to keep things light.  After all, sometimes we’ve only got time for light and sweet right?  That seems to be especially true for us moms. Today’s post will take you just a few minutes to read, and just FIVE SECONDS to implement.  How’s that for a time saver?  THE FIVE SECOND RULE IN PHOTOGRAPHYWhen it comes to photographing our daughters, a lot of elements come into play.  There’s directional lighting to flatter her, there’s posing her in ways that show off her best features and that minimize the ones she’s a bit less confident about.  There’s the technical side of shooting, knowing what aperture is, and how to blur the background. We’ll get to all of that in the coming posts. But today’s tip takes 5 seconds, and can take your photos from “snapshot” to “portrait”, all before you even grab your camera. Simply put, before you press the shutter, take FIVE SECONDS to look around your scene for any clutter, any distractions, any ...

What Am I Doing?
Why Moms Need to Stop Hiding Behind the Camera

 Something is changing.  I can feel it.  Every morning, I sit down to write, and nothing comes out.  I mean nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Writing blog posts is becoming less fun and more challenging.  It used to be something I looked forward to, something that poured out of me.  Now, I find myself looking at a blank computer screen day after day.I've been wondering what has changed.  So I've been doing a little digging.  First I went to my blog.  I checked out the numbers.  Did a little research.  I took a look at what blog posts get the most views.  What do people enjoy reading from me?  I discovered that it was my personal blog posts that were most read.  The ones about my own children, my own struggles, my own journey.  These are my most read blog posts.  Now, before I say anything else, let me just clarify that I know this is not because my life is so interesting or dramatic.  Far from it.  I'm a wife, and a mom of three kids, doing some photography work on the side, trying (and way too often failing) to keep my ducks in a row.  This is not very different than most of the women I know who are reading this blog.So what is it then, that makes these blog posts more popular?  I'm not 100% sure, but I might have an idea.  More on that in a bit.But first, let's ...

The Workshop You Cannot Miss!
Why Moms Need to Stop Hiding Behind the Camera

 The last month has been quite exciting for Avery and me, as we've partnered up to create Valley Girls Photography, and to bring you the first of what we hope are many workshops geared towards empowering girls of all ages through photography.Have no idea what I'm talking about?  Catch up on the blog posts HERE, HERE, and HERE. We are MOST excited about today, the launch of our VERY FIRST WORKSHOP! The Portrait Power Workshop is for girls, ages 10-13, and their moms, and we are preparing a jam-packed and powerful afternoon for all.  With an emphasis on photography, we hope to educate, encourage, and empower mothers and daughters to celebrate their authentic beauty.We're talking dynamic group activities, outdoor portrait lessons and application, even take home swag bags to continue the conversations afterwards.The cost is ONLY $50 for each daughter.  Mothers attend free as the guest of their girls.And if you register by FRIDAY, MAY 13, you'll enjoy a TWO FOR ONE GIFT!  Bring a friend and her mother.  Or bring two daughters for the price of one!   CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE OR TO REGISTER TODAY!