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Three Confidence Builders You Have To Try Today
Three Confidence Builders You Have To Try Today

 I seriously love my life! I spend my days in the classroom with the sweetest, most energetic 9th grade girls.  I spend my nights in a dormitory, chatting and studying and eating cake with my house girls.  On the weekends, I often grab my camera and capture portraits for local high school girls. And I get to live everyday as mom to the most special of all tween girls.  (We have two boys too- they’re ok… JK!) Seriously, some days are a struggle, but most days I just love the time I get to spend with all these amazing girls! Teen girls are exceptional.  They are bright, beautiful, full of energy and endless questions.  They are precious. But they are too often blind to all of this.  Clueless. Unaware of their beautiful smiles, their captivating hearts, their powerful skills.  Overwhelmed instead with insecurity and low self esteem. So what can we do?   We can build up their self esteem with these THREE SIMPLE CONFIDENCE BUILDERS.  1. SPEND QUALITY TIME TOGETHERThis one is so easy, and can be so fun!  Go grab coffee together, or lunch, or take a shopping trip.  No money? No problem! A simple walk is a great idea. Bring the dog- he’s the only one allowed to join you because he won’t interrupt.  Share time together sitting on her bed at night, or on your bed. ...