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Hi!  I'm Jen.  Teacher to teen girls.  Dorm mom to teen girls.  Photographer to teen girls.  And Mom to my own teen girl.

My mission is to help moms everywhere learn how to connect with and empower their own teen daughters.

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The One Must For Taking Your Own Family Photos
The One Must For Taking Your Own Family Photos

 The other day I was chatting with a friend who had just had her first baby.  After we gushed over the little guy for a while (seriously, he is the CUTEST thing!), I mentioned to her that I was going to be creating some teaching resources for women, and that she might want to check them out, as this little man was only getting cuter by the second, and she was going to want to have every moment documented.  She was delighted to hear about this, but when I assured her that all she would need is a DSLR, her smile turned into this sort of blank stare. A what? A DSLR. More blank stares.  And then I realized my mistake.  I’d assumed that everyone had a DSLR- and that everyone knew what a DSLR was!  And we all know the problem with assuming… It seems that if I’m going to start teaching the basics of photography, I can’t assume that everyone has the one item truly necessary to do so. A camera.   A DSLR  is a digital single-lens reflex camera, or a fancy way of saying what everyone else calls “a nice camera”.  Not a little “point and shoot”, and definitely not your phone.  I know we all have cameras in our pockets now, but if you want to take your family photos to the next level, you need to upgrade to “the nice camera”.   WHY DO I ...

Five Must-Haves For Every Camera Bag
The One Must For Taking Your Own Family Photos

I LOVE my camera bag!  It was a gift from my super duper awesome husband for my fortieth birthday, and it was exactly what I was hoping for (he's learned over our 17 years together to STICK TO THE LIST! Hee hee!)Now I'm guessing you might not have a designated "camera bag".  Maybe you don't even have a bag to house your camera.  Maybe you don't even have a camera yet, and just use your trusty smart phone.  That's ok.  You still can benefit from carrying these "must haves" whenever you head out to take photos, especially of your kids.  Whether you have a fancy camera bag, or a purse, or your pockets, here are my top five MUST HAVES for any photo outing. 1. TISSUES OR WET WIPESThis is really a must for kids of all ages- and for some of us grown-ups too!  We all know that kids find messes like it's their job, so having a few tissues can go a long way.  A quick wipe of the face can make for a cleaner face, and cleaner images, which means less time on the computer cloning out boogies, or mud, or food (for those who understand Photoshop).  Some photos look cute with a messy face and create a great story (like the one below, taken by Aunt Dani), but sometimes a quick moment with a tissue can go a long way. 2. LOLLIPOPS OR A SWEET TREATAgain, this is a good idea for kids, but maybe we all could use a sweet treat now and then. ...

The Free Refocus Workshop Community
The One Must For Taking Your Own Family Photos

As we approach the end of January, I've been thinking a lot about the Mini Workshop I created at the start of the month, and year.  With a new vision at the forefront of Jen Lebo Photography, I loved the idea of creating content for women to help them see the beauty in others, and in themselves.  This first workshop, called "Refocusing" was aimed to help women improve their photography by looking at things a little differently.  It was a step away from what I normally do, and a first attempt at combining a few of my loves- photography, teaching, and encouraging women.You can read my blog post about this Mini Workshop by clicking here.So here we are, almost a month later, and I'm curious as to whether this little goodie has been helpful to any of you.  Have you implemented the six lessons?  Have you shared your images?  Are you struggling to get started?  To get motivated?  Is something holding you back?These questions (and more) play in my mind often, and I've considered that perhaps a virtual community would help us get the most out of this Workshop.  So I've created one on Facebook.  WELCOME TO THE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR THE REFOCUS WORKSHOP COMMUNITY!Within this Facebook Group you will find:* A safe and encouraging community where you can ask questions about the Refocus Workshop lessons, go deeper with the Workshop's assigments, ...