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Why I Changed My Entire Business Plan (And What That Means For You)
Why I Changed My Entire Business Plan (And What That Means For You)

It's been going on for years.Despite what my husband tells me, what my mother has poured over me since I was a child, despite what friends or anyone tells me.  I just struggle so much to see it.  The beauty that others say they see in me.  Mostly this struggle is with outer beauty.  Deep in my heart, despite the many flaws, I know that as I draw near to my Jesus, I begin to reflect His beauty and that my heart and my spirit grow more beautiful.  But I still struggle daily with the outside.  For me it's my weight.  Ugh.  There I said it.  I know most of us women have some sort of hang up.  It might be wrinkles, or grays, or our height, eye color, hair color, whatever.  But for me it's been my weight.  And it's followed me for years.  Even when I was at my thinnest.  Something - aka me- always keeps me from seeing myself as beautiful.And so I've found it so insanely ironic that God had called me to fall in love with portrait photography.  I'd spend day after day photographing moms and families, high school seniors, women of all ages, and I'd point out their beauty.  I'd show it to them on my camera screen.  More often than not, the lady of the session would gush over her kids or her friends, and point out her own flaws.  I'd be quick to reassure her, and gently ask what she was struggling ...