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Hi!  I'm Jen Lebo.  I'm here to help you with all things

photography!  Life is more beautiful when you share it, so let's

connect and grow together!



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As we boarded the plane to head back home, the three of us sat comparing our notes from the Photography Conference we had just enjoyed.  Between us we had seen dozens of speakers, listened to captivating lessons on everything from lighting to composition, from senior portraits to maternity sessions, from backgrounds to business, and spent countless hours meandering through all the booths at the Expo.  We shared techniques we had learned, questions we had gotten answered, and plans we were making.  That photography conference changed everything about my photography business, and I would never have gone if not for the friends who went with me.

Whether you are dreaming of running your own business someday, or just shooting for the joy of it, today's tip is simple- don't go it alone.  Grab a friend and make the moments more memorable.

My photography friends are invaluable.  They literally see things differently than I do, so they help me to open my mind to new perspectives.  They ask me questions, which get me thinking about why I shoot the way I do, or light the way I do, or run my business the way I do.  They offer suggestions, they offer helpful critiques, and they offer encouragement.  

But girlfriends are important in other areas of life, too.  My girlfriends help me stay accountable to my health goals.  When I need to make fitness a part of my early morning routine, my girlfriends are there to make sure I meet them before the sun is up.  When I am tempted to sleep in, or to indulge in some sugary temptation, my friends are there to keep me on the path toward health, and encourage me that I can do it.  And when I am able to encourage them, I feel fantastic about it.  My success is their success, and vice versa.

And oh, how my sister friends make my walk with the Lord that much sweeter.  When the Holy Spirit whispers to my heart early in the mornings, and I am touched by His Word, I love texting my sister friend in Pennsylvania to share it with her, because I know she's just read the same words.  When I gather with my Colorado girlfriends each Monday night to pray together and laugh together and share God's word together, I am so filled up because I know that God is right there with us, just as He promises. (Matthew 18:20).  When I'm discouraged, friends pray for me.  When pride threatens to take over my heart, my sisters hold me accountable.  Praying for my girlfriends brings double the blessing, as it always leads me to thank God for them.  And oh, I'm so thankful for them.


God did not create us to do life alone.  We were meant to walk together ,with God and with each other.  So whether you're embarking on a new photography project, or a new job, or whether you're just waking up to a new day, grab a friend and walk together.  Life is always more precious when we walk hand in hand, with our girlfriends and with God.  Two are better than one.  (Ecclesiastes 4;9)

What friends make your life sweeter?  Comment here and let them know, or share this post with them and tell them how grateful you are for them.