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Reaching New Heights With Brook Raney
Reaching New Heights With Brook Raney

 Brook Raney is an educator and a fire starter.  She is the Dean of Students at Kimball Union Academy, in New Hampshire, and runs the Girls' Leadership Camp for middle schoolers in the summer.Recently, Brook came to speak to the faculty here at Fountain Valley School.  She spoke about empowering and encouraging the girls at our school and in our lives.  In doing so, she inspired many of us.  And for Avery and I, she ignited a new business partnership, and a new endeavor, Valley Girls Photography, and the workshops soon coming to empower girls of all ages through photography.Since Brook was the spark which ignited us, I wanted to share a little bit with you today about what makes Brook so… well, sparky!  So here's a little Q&A with this amazing and empowering woman.  WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO CREATE THE GIRLS' LEADERSHIP CAMP AND TO BEGIN TRAVELING AND SPEAKING OUT FOR GIRLS EVERYWHERE?Like all great inspiration and focus, GLC and empowering young women came to me out of the beautiful crashing of multiple events and moments in my life.  I was nannying a girl who was experiencing body image issues, bullying, and all kinds of mean girl business at school.  The Dove campaign had come out, and there were billboards blasted all over NYC with full-figured gorgeous women rocking their underwear like champions.  I ...