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My Favorite Book Recommendation
My Favorite Book Recommendation

I get lots of photography questions.  People often ask me for help when purchasing a new camera, or ask which new lens to get, or they'll wonder how to improve focus or why their photos are so dark all the time.  I love getting these questions, but it occurred to me that perhaps I could answer some of these questions right here on the blog.  This way if others have those same questions, they can come here and maybe get some answers.I thought I'd start these "advice" posts with a favorite book.  I love to read, and I love photography, so what better way to start than with my all time favorite photography book.  Bryan Peterson's Understanding Exposure.This was one of the first two books I read when I was starting out and this book opened my eyes to the light.  Literally.In this book, Peterson breaks down everything.  He begins with the explanation of exposure (what the heck IS "exposure" anyway?), and then breaks down each of the three components of the exposure triangle- Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO/Speed (though this ISO section is at the end).  He also breaks down different kinds of light- front light, back light, side light.  All the basics are covered.But that's not the best part of this book.  The best part of this book is actually two-fold.  First, Peterson explains every single point with gorgeous images!  I ...