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Beauty Tips For Portrait Day
Beauty Tips For Portrait Day

There is nothing like feeling beautiful on Portrait Day.  Although I have yet to photograph a woman who is nothing but absolutely beautiful, it is sometimes hard for a woman to get her family dressed and ready for portraits, organize clothing, get dad on board, get kids fed, and then get herself prepared in a way that makes her feel as beautiful in her own mind as she truly is.  And it's not always feasible for mom to get her hair and make up done by a professional.  After all, remember that she is the one getting everyone else ready, too!So today, I thought I'd bring the professional to you!  I reached out to my dear friend and "used to be" partner in crime, Shannon Dimichele, a professional hair and make-up artist, who has been the magic behind many of my photo shoots.  Shannon is not only an exceptional artist, but she is also a mom to four little ones, so she understands the wonderful chaos that goes into getting the entire family ready for Portrait Day.  With that in mind, Shannon has put together a few simple but fantastic tips for moms everywhere to prepare at home for Portrait Day.  When you can't go to the professional, you can now bring the professional to you!SHANNON'S BEAUTY TIPS1.  Starting with a clean, toned, and moisturized face is ESSENTIAL!2. When choosing your foundation, be sure it doesn't have SPF, as that will cause ...