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Hi!  I'm Jen.  Teacher to teen girls.  Dorm mom to teen girls.  Photographer to teen girls.  And Mom to my own teen girl.

My mission is to help moms everywhere learn how to connect with and empower their own teen daughters.

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The Beauty Challenge
The Beauty Challenge

Who is the most beautiful woman you know?  My guess is that you can answer that quickly, but perhaps not with just one face, not just one woman.  We are all blessed to know some BEAUTIFUL women in our lives.  But do they know they are beautiful?  Do they know that you see them that way?  Have you ever told these women what you see in them?As this question has been playing around in my own mind, I have considered that it might be important for me to tell the beautiful women in my life how beautiful they are in my eyes.  The beautiful women in my life are not supermodels in the worldy sense, but they are super to me, and they are models to me.  I think it might be important for me to let them know the beauty I see in them.  I think it might be even more powerful for me to tell them in "public".  And I think it might be a good idea for you to do the same with the beautiful women in your life.So it's time for a beauty challenge!  But a different kind of beauty challenge!I'm proposing that we begin a beauty challenge on social media.  I'm guessing FB will work best for me as that's where I spend most of my social media time.  But any social media site can work.  I'm proposing that we share beauty and love, rather than the hate and gossip that is too easily spread on these sites.I challenge you to:* Get on your ...