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A Lesson For My Beauty
A Lesson For My Beauty

 My daughter does not love reading.  And that's putting it mildly.  Getting Brady to read has been a delicate balance of encouragement and enforcement since the first grade.  We believe part of that might have to do with a developmental or neurological issue, and we are working with her teachers to learn more.  But we also know that it does not help for Brady to be the sister between two brothers who happen to be voracious readers.  I can see any self-confidence  fade away whenever she hears her older brother going on about the latest novel he devoured, or when she watches her younger brother flip pages faster than a speeding bullet.  Scott and I have tried all sorts of things to encourage her to read.  Brady and I have had "snuggle up and read" sessions (which her younger brother always crashes!), and we've tried reading charts and rewards.  I've even tried reminding her that if she doesn't work on her reading, she'll never be able to read the love notes that her future boyfriends send her. (or are they text messages these days?  Goodness, I am not ready for that) We know that reading will be crucial to Brady's success in life- to all three of our kids' success- but it is a constant battle with Brady, not just to get her to read, but to build up her confidence when it comes to reading.  She's kind of a ...

Three Powerful Beauty Traits We All Possess
A Lesson For My Beauty

 As I began planning to write this blog post, the question occurred to me, “How in the world is this blog post going to help anyone?”  A blog post about powerful beauty traits that we all possess?  Really?  Who needs this? But see?  That’s my doubt, creeping in already, telling me that the things I have to share will make no difference to anyone.  And you know, maybe that’s true.  Maybe this is not the blog post to shatter all others, to revolutionize the minds of women everywhere.  Maybe it will just help one person to read through these simple ideas of mine and feel less alone, maybe a bit more comforted, empowered, beautiful.  Maybe that person is just me.  Maybe it’s you.  Either way, that makes the writing worth it.   So back to the point.  How many of us have moments where we look in the mirror and cannot, for the life of us, find one thing that we think is beautiful.  I have those days.  Ugh, what was I thinking with this haircut?  And when was the last time I got any sleep?  What’s up with those dark circles?  Good grief.  Some days, we are just not very nice to that poor girl in the mirror. Maybe today is that day for you.  Maybe you have that day more often than not.  Or maybe you do see the amazing and ...

The Workshop You Cannot Miss!
A Lesson For My Beauty

 The last month has been quite exciting for Avery and me, as we've partnered up to create Valley Girls Photography, and to bring you the first of what we hope are many workshops geared towards empowering girls of all ages through photography.Have no idea what I'm talking about?  Catch up on the blog posts HERE, HERE, and HERE. We are MOST excited about today, the launch of our VERY FIRST WORKSHOP! The Portrait Power Workshop is for girls, ages 10-13, and their moms, and we are preparing a jam-packed and powerful afternoon for all.  With an emphasis on photography, we hope to educate, encourage, and empower mothers and daughters to celebrate their authentic beauty.We're talking dynamic group activities, outdoor portrait lessons and application, even take home swag bags to continue the conversations afterwards.The cost is ONLY $50 for each daughter.  Mothers attend free as the guest of their girls.And if you register by FRIDAY, MAY 13, you'll enjoy a TWO FOR ONE GIFT!  Bring a friend and her mother.  Or bring two daughters for the price of one!   CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE OR TO REGISTER TODAY! 

Why I Don't Shoot The Sexy Stuff
A Lesson For My Beauty

This morning I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I saw a portrait ad from a photographer that I follow.  The ad was inviting teens to be a part of her high school senior modeling program, and it featured five teenage girls, all dressed in PJs (nothing slinky, but definitely sleepwear), all on a big, fluffy, white bed, all leaning seductively on each other, with serious expressions, not a smile among them.Another sexy portrait of girls who haven't even graduated from high school.This seems to be the "it" thing these days, the sexy and sultry portraits of high school seniors, that are infiltrating our social media newsfeeds.  These images are everywhere from Pinterest to Facebook, although I highly doubt they are adorning the walls of their parents' homes.  These photos are ones that younger girls everywhere are seeing, and trying to imitate, which is why we are now seeing tweens and girls even younger skipping the smiles for the duck mouth (what is that???) or the "this is way too old for a little girl" pose.This is why I don't shoot the sexy stuff.Now I don't want to come off preachy here.  I know there's a time and a place for such expressions and such poses.  But I don't believe the time is high school, and I don't believe the place is social media.  I believe that the more our daughters (young and old) see these types of poses and ...

The Beauty Challenge
A Lesson For My Beauty

Who is the most beautiful woman you know?  My guess is that you can answer that quickly, but perhaps not with just one face, not just one woman.  We are all blessed to know some BEAUTIFUL women in our lives.  But do they know they are beautiful?  Do they know that you see them that way?  Have you ever told these women what you see in them?As this question has been playing around in my own mind, I have considered that it might be important for me to tell the beautiful women in my life how beautiful they are in my eyes.  The beautiful women in my life are not supermodels in the worldy sense, but they are super to me, and they are models to me.  I think it might be important for me to let them know the beauty I see in them.  I think it might be even more powerful for me to tell them in "public".  And I think it might be a good idea for you to do the same with the beautiful women in your life.So it's time for a beauty challenge!  But a different kind of beauty challenge!I'm proposing that we begin a beauty challenge on social media.  I'm guessing FB will work best for me as that's where I spend most of my social media time.  But any social media site can work.  I'm proposing that we share beauty and love, rather than the hate and gossip that is too easily spread on these sites.I challenge you to:* Get on your ...