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Hi!  I'm Jen.  Teacher to teen girls.  Dorm mom to teen girls.  Photographer to teen girls.  And Mom to my own teen girl.

My mission is to help moms everywhere learn how to connect with and empower their own teen daughters.

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My Top Five Favorite Momtographer Apps
My Top Five Favorite Momtographer Apps

I am often in awe of how the young people I know juggle social media with such ease.  They are constantly on their phones (even during class sometimes- grr!!!), and do so many things in such a short time.  Texting, sharing photos, googling all sorts of information- it's enough to make an old lady's head spin.  Snap chat, Periscope, Vine, Tumblr, and the list goes on.Seems a waste of time for sure to be checking out all these trendy apps (unless of course you are raising teens, in which case you're probably all over these sites yourself).  But today I want to share with you some of my favorite "momtographer" apps.  These five apps have helped me be both mom and photographer.  They have helped me save time, they help me be a little creative with my simple phone images, and they help me organize my ideas and my days.  Perhaps one or two of these apps can help you in your daily life of momming.  Oh and by the way, none of these are affiliate links.  These are just a few of my favorite apps.  I am not getting anything out of sharing them with you (other than joy!). 1. LAYOUTLayout is a free app I discovered through Instagram.  It's a simple way for me to take more than one of my images and put them together to create one collage image.  Great for sharing to social media when you don't want to send image after image, ...