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Understanding Aperture
Understanding Aperture

Don't you just love those portraits where your little girl is so sharp and crisp, while all the background surrounding her is blurry and magical?  That's called "bokeh" and to get that soft, blurry background, you have to have a basic understanding of aperture.  Aperture is one of the 3 components in the Exposure Triangle.  In order to correctly expose your portrait, you need to have the correct aperture, the correct shutter speed, and the correct ISO (or film speed from the good old days).  Let's focus on Aperture today.  Aperture, also referred to as f/stop, is the size of the opening of your lens.  This determines how much light is allowed into your camera's sensor whenever you release the shutter.  Take a minute and locate the dial on your camera that controls the aperture (ahem, that means checking the manual perhaps?) Once you locate it, play around with it.  If you look into your viewfinder as you turn that dial, you will see a series of numbers that change as you scroll.  That is your f/stop.  The wider your aperture, the smaller that f/stop number is.  The smaller your aperture, the larger that f/stop number is.Now different lenses have different ranges of f/stop, so what might be your lowest f/stop might not be mine.  Some lenses open up to f/4 or f/4.5, while others open all the way up to f/1.4!  When ...