Quick Pic Tip: The Five Second Rule
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By Jennifer Lebo
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Today’s gonna be a sweet and shallow day!


What I mean is that I’ve been taking us rather deep for the last couple of weeks.  I’ve shared my thoughts on starting the journey again, we’ve dug deep into our WHYs, and we’ve even set some Mom goals together.  


So today, I want to keep things light.  After all, sometimes we’ve only got time for light and sweet right?  That seems to be especially true for us moms.


Today’s post will take you just a few minutes to read, and just FIVE SECONDS to implement.  How’s that for a time saver?



When it comes to photographing our daughters, a lot of elements come into play.  There’s directional lighting to flatter her, there’s posing her in ways that show off her best features and that minimize the ones she’s a bit less confident about.  There’s the technical side of shooting, knowing what aperture is, and how to blur the background. We’ll get to all of that in the coming posts.


But today’s tip takes 5 seconds, and can take your photos from “snapshot” to “portrait”, all before you even grab your camera.


Simply put, before you press the shutter, take FIVE SECONDS to look around your scene for any clutter, any distractions, any unflattering backgrounds that you can remove to improve your shot.


If you’re in her room, check for dirty laundry on the floor- then remove it (or better yet, have her remove it!).


If you’re outdoors and there are parked cars or dumpsters behind you, reposition her (or yourself) to remove them from the frame.


Look through your viewfinder before you take your shot.  Is there a tree seemingly sprouting from your daughter’s head?  Move her 2 inches to the left or right and you’re good to go.


FIVE SECONDS!  That’s all it takes.  It can mean the difference between a cluttered snapshot and a clean, finished portrait.


Get in this habit whenever you take a photo- even a photo on your phone.  Consider this your new FIVE SECOND RULE.


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Angie Bornholm - GREAT suggestions. Hope you are well! !
Carol Lebo - Helpful tip in many situations.