One Word That Can Change Your Life
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I'm not sure exactly when I discovered this Scripture.  I do know it was after college and I was somewhere in my twenties.  I'm sure I was wondering why I hadn't met "Mr. Right" yet, and why I was still floundering over where my Prince Charming was, and what my dream career was, and what was my great purpose in life.  There had to be more than the lies that the world was trying to feed me.  Deep down I knew there had to be more.

Then I found this Scripture.

I don't remember the day, or even the year.  But I do remember that once I found this verse, I knew it was mine.  I claimed this beautiful Scripture as my life's verse on that day and I have held tightly to it for the almost twenty years after.  Because even though God blessed me with my Mr. Right, and then showered me with tremendous love by giving me three crazy amazing little babies, there are still so many days where doubt threatens.  Where fear threatens.  And I find daily comfort in remembering the promise that my Father covered me with.

And I have hope.

Hope that He holds my future.

Hope that He is good.  And His plans for me are good.

Hope for my future.  A future that may not be perfect here on earth, but will be oh so precious, and so beautiful, and so perfect in heaven.  THAT is my future.  THAT is my hope.

I claimed this Scripture for my life almost two decades ago.  And when my little girl was born, I gave it to her as her life's verse.  My greatest prayer for her is that she will know through any storm, through any struggle, that her hope need never come from a man, or from friends, or from any talent that she may or may not possess.  As a woman, I know for certain that she will doubt herself, she will question why she was made with her hair, her eye color, her body shape, her skills.  The world will tell her that she is not strong enough, smart enough, sexy enough, feminine enough, skinny enough, tall enough.  The "not enoughs" are endless.

But perhaps she can rest in this verse, as I have all these years, and know that she can have hope.  Every day.

There is HOPE.  Because He knows us.  And He has plans for us.  And they are good.

What about you?  Are you resting in HOPE today?  Or are you struggling with the lies and the doubts that the world is trying to bury you with?  Have you placed your hope in the One who holds your future?  There is no better place to be.

Share your hopes with us today in the comments below.  Or maybe share your doubts or your fears.  I would so very much love to pray for you, that HOPE would overwhelm you.

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Rosalie Wandle - Beautiful Jennifer. Sharing this with my family!