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By Jennifer Lebo
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About five months ago, I hit rock bottom, healthwise.  I was overweight, out of shape, exhausted, and just plain old sad over having lost the athlete I once was.  I knew I had to do something to get strong and healthy again, but the thought of trying again was daunting.  I’d climbed this mountain so many times before.  Self doubt and fear loomed.  Why try again?  Wouldn’t I just fail… again?

I decided that I needed to try a new way, so I sought the help of a professional.  I called a trainer who I’d found online, one who specialized in health and fitness for those of us in the “over forty” club.  One phone call with Dave McGarry and I knew I had found a gem.  He helped me set goals, and then he helped me crush them!

I think the most important thing that I learned from Dave was the very first lesson he taught me.  He had me sit down and write out my “why”.  Even beyond that, he had me write down several layers of “whys” so that every reason I had for wanting to get healthy had a deeper “why”.  I would consider a goal, say to lose 20 lbs, and I would write down why I wanted to lose that weight.  I wanted to be able to spend a day at the pool with my kids and be comfortable in my swimsuit.  But why?  I would continue to write, contemplating that I didn’t want to miss out on any more pool days with my kids.  But why?  Because my time with the kids was too important to waste.  Layer upon layer upon layer.  


He had me continue this several times over.  Then he had me print out my “whys” and put them up somewhere where I would see them everyday.  


Four months later, they’re still up.  And I’ve crushed every one of my goals.  Because of those “whys”.


So why am I sharing this story?  (you see what I did there?!)



With this recent health and fitness journey, I stayed focused on those “whys”, and I reached my goals with purpose and passion.  So I started to use this same method for other areas of my life, including my business life.  As I stated in my last post, I had come to a fork in the road concerning my work life, and had realized that it was time to put my dreams and plans first again.  


But then came the daunting task of setting business goals, and of staring up at the mountain of self-doubt, of fear, of uncertainty.  I wrote out some concrete goals, and then remembered Dave’s advice, and started writing out my whys.


Why do I want to try again?  Why do I want to crush these goals?  What is my purpose?  What is my why?


Turns out in this case, my WHY is a WHO.


I want to try again because there are too many women out there who struggle with seeing their beauty, and I want to show it to them.  I want to teach moms how to take photos because we moms need concrete skills to connect with and empower our daughters.  I know this because I am that mom.  I know this because I’ve been that daughter.  Because I now have that daughter.  Perhaps we’ve all been that daughter, or have that daughter now.


Simply put, she’s my WHY.


I have a tween daughter.  I have a skill set that is allowing me to capture her beauty and pour my attention and love into her.  I can teach YOU how to do the same thing.


You’re my WHY, too.



My goals are centered around you, your daughters, and my own daughter.  My goals are to create blog posts that guide you through photography and help us navigate the world of teen daughters together.  Online courses are coming.  Workshops, both online and in person, are coming.  Community, encouragement, and empowerment are coming.  


Next time, I’ll be sharing about how to set mom goals, and how to write out your own WHY.


See you soon!


PS- if you’re in the “over 40 club” too, and want to know more about my gem of a trainer, Dave McGarry, visit him at or  


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