Five Fabulous Gifts To Give Yourself This Mother's Day
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By Jennifer Lebo
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I think that Mother’s Day might be my favorite holiday of the year.  


Not because all the attention in the house falls on me, (although that’s nice, too!) but because it’s a celebration of the greatest role I’ll ever take on.  It’s a celebration of the greatest and most challenging job I’ve ever had, a celebration of my babies and me, and a look at what we’ve created together.


It’s also the day where I get to stop and look around at all the other amazing women crushing it as this motherhood thing, from my own mom who is STILL crushing it, to all the newbie moms out there, sleepless and elated over celebrating their first Mother’s Day as a mom.


I just love Mother’s Day.


However, while the concept of Mother’s Day is so precious to me, the gift giving has sometimes been… well, maybe a tad disappointing.


Wait.  Hear me out!


My husband is the BEST!  But when it comes to gift giving in our house, I run that show.  Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, you name it. It’s my job to consider, shop for, buy, and wrap the gifts.  After almost 20 years, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I love it. It makes me happy. My husband loves that I love it.  It’s one less thing on his own chaotic plate.


So when Mother’s Day comes around, he’s out of practice.  And that sometime leads to disappointments. No one’s fault, just fact.


Your home too?  Yeah, I thought maybe.


That’s why I’m sharing this post with you today!


I’ve learned that rather than going into Mother’s Day with my expectations high and hopeful, only to be let down by an out of practice and very busy husband and 3 young kids, I just do what I know how to do.  I either get my own gifts, or I simply share with my husband exactly what I want, which he then gladly gets me.


Win win!  


My family celebrates me, I’m not upset over lofty expectations undelivered, and we all spend the day enjoying our family.


So here I am, to share some of MY FAVORITE Mother’s Day gifts with you this year.  You’ve got about two weeks now to share this with your husband, or just skip the middleman and treat yourself.  


Either way, you will LOVE these ideas because they are all about mom and they come to you from some other strong and wonderful moms.  Moms gifting moms. What could be better?


So here it is, my collection of FABULOUS Mother’s Day gifts that you can give yourself!  


Oh and one more thing!  Each woman has created a SPECIAL TREAT for YOU, my reader, so read through each gift and grab your special discount, or extra treat.



1. The Gift of Gorgeous Makeup & Self-Confidence: Younique with Stephanie


I met Stephanie in a FB group for women entrepreneurs.  I love Stephanie’s business, and her desire to empower and build up women through her products.  She has great tutorials on her business page, too. Here she is to share her gifts with you:


Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower and validate women all over the world. Younique is a cosmetics and skincare brand with the goal to help women feel more confident and beautiful, while at the same time teaching women about make-up application.  Younique follows the EU guidelines for product safety, and has banned more than 1200 harmful chemicals from their ingredient list. Vegan and gluten-free options are available. Best known for their 3D Fiberlash and Epic Mascaras, Younique products are both high-quality and effective.


Since I joined Younique last year, I heave learned so much about make-up application, and feel more confident and beautiful. I love sharing this brand with others and encouraging women to focus on self-care and self-love.  I have discovered that many people do not wear make-up because they do not know how to apply it. This is how Younique is different. Support, guidance, and advice is readily available.  They have a Love it Guarantee to make sure that every customer is satisfied.


I am offering an exclusive offer for Mother’s Day. I will offer a FREE Epic Mascara to anyone that hosts an online make-up class with me. Value is $24. Just reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram.


Facebook Page:


Instagram Page: makeup_junkie_mama


Like my business page to learn more about make-up tips and tricks and how to feel your best.


Check out my website  to view the products.




2. The Gift of Healthy & Glowing Skin: Rodan + Fields with Dayna

OK, so Dayna may not have people who call her mama, but she is definitely mom to her fur babies and to me, that counts!  I’ve known D for almost 20 years, first as her HS teacher and coach, and now as her friend and fan. She’s out on the west coach, balancing life as an actress and as an R+F "fempreneur", and she’s crushing it!  Let me let her tell you in her own words about her gifts for mom.


Did you know that 80% of your skin's destiny is in your hands?  If you think that crows feet and dark marks are just signs of bad genetics, think again.  Your gene's account for only 20% of your skin's aging process, the rest is up to you. Our skin is our bodies largest organ, and taking care of it doesn't need to be complicated.  Set aside just 5 minutes each night to get in a great skincare routine.


Rodan + Fields dermatologists have created 4 clinical grade skin care lines to address and reverse the signs of premature aging, sensitive skin, tired looking skin & even adult acne.  But that's just the tip of the iceberg...


  • Maybe you've heard of Lash Boost, the award winning, lash growing serum that creates longer, thicker and fuller looking lashes?  ($135 for 60 day supply)

  • Or Active Hydration Serum, a powerful restorative serum that instantly hydrates and plumps your skin to look more youthful & smooth.  ($98 for 60 day supply)

  • Maybe tired eyes are your nemesis.  Fear not, our Multi-Function Eye Cream will knock those dark circles out.  ($56 for 60 day supply)


Start by taking this brief online skin care assessment to find out which core regimen is right for you.


If you have been thinking of giving Rodan + Fields a try, now is your chance:

  • All mom's will receive $20 off their first preferred customer order between now and May 12th, 2018.  

  • Be one of the first THREE (3) to redeem this offer to get a monthly supply of microdermabrasion paste.

  • Email to redeem this offer.  


Lash Boost Link:

Active Hydration Link:

Eye Cream Link:


My Website Link:



3. The Gift of Fitness & Health: KatFit with Kathrine

Kathrine is another one of those ladies who once knew me as teacher (she ran track, so hubby was her coach), and who is now crushing it as a mom and business owner.  Kathrine runs a thriving health and fitness business where she coaches and trains women of all ages and lifestyles. Here’s Kathrine to share with you her gifts.

KatFit empowers moms in all stages of life to breakdown their preconceived limits, revealing their stronger and revitalized selves through fitness and nutrition. I believe your exercise routine should be the right recipe for your lifestyle. We are all juggling so many things, and working out and training is just one aspect of your life. I can help you find a fitness plan that you look forward to completing- without it feeling like a chore. Clients work with me in person and virtually through my fitness app.

To learn more about KatFit, visit Be sure to follow us on FaceBook: @katfitstudios and on Instagram: @katfitstudios.  

As an exclusive offer to the Jen Lebo Photography Community, I am offering Free Initial Consultation (in person or video conference) and 10% off your first program purchase.

4. The Gift of Clean Crafted Wine with Good Friends: Scout & Cellar with Karin

What goes better with good friends celebrating each other than really good wine?  Well, that’s why I have Karin here on this list. Karin is a founding leader at Scout & Cellar, a business that delivers clean-crafted wine right to your home!  I met Karin through the same FB Group where I met Stephanie (pretty awesome group, huh?), and would love for her to share with you this gift of hers!


Mom’s love Wine! After a hard day of chasing the kids around, getting everyone to sports practices, piano lessons and helping with homework, doesn’t the special lady in your life deserve to enjoy a nice glass of wine?

One that won’t give her a headache or make her feel bad the next morning?


Give the gift of clean crafted-wine with four of our best selling wines for only $99 + Free Shipping. Order by May 3rd to ensure delivery in time for the big day.


Scout & Cellar Clean-Crafted Wines tell a story and give you a sense of place and time. They are grown naturally—without the use of synthetic pesticides—and bottled consciously—without added sugars, chemicals or sulfites.


They are Organic, non-GMO and Vegan. Grown organically and/or sustainably from small family-owned vineyards.  


The result is wine that is clean, delicious and better for you.


To take advantage of this great offer email

Have the perfect gift for the wine loving mother in your life, delivered straight to her doorstep!


Mother’s day Package includes:

1 bottle Chateau Roubie Picpoul de Pinet

1 bottle Hannes Sabathi Sauvignon Blanc

1 bottle Girasole Hybrid Red Blend

1 bottle Qupe Grenache


More details on all Scout & Cellar wines can be found at


5. The Gift of Memorable Portraits with Your People: Jen Lebo Photography with Jen


One of my favorite ways to celebrate Mother’s Day is by having portraits taken with my kids.  It’s amazing to see how they’ve grown throughout the years, and whenever I look at these portraits, the memories come flooding back.  Another powerful and precious way to spend my Mother’s Day.


Today I want to gift my local readers with a special Mini Session package.  Because I know my moms are always pressed for time (because what mom ISN’T???), I made my 30 minute session the treat here, and I’ve taken 25% off for my Moms!  AND I’ve added a 30 minute pre session consult call to the package, so I can help you prepare for a great session.


But I’ve also got treats for those moms who are not local!  


I’ve got a collection of FREE resources for you, so that you can take your own portraits, of your own kids, or so that you can best prepare for a portrait session wherever you might live.  These are all FREE! All you need to do is CLICK and you’re on your way to more Mother’s Day gifts!




OK, Moms!  Consider yourself gifted!  I hope one of these gifts will make its way to your home this Mother’s Day.  Heck, I hope they ALL do! Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate all the amazing and challenging and special things that we do as mothers.  Let these women treat you on your special day!


Don’t forget that you can use these gifts to treat the special moms in your life!  Gift others with these treats.


And share this post with other moms!  Let’s all treat ourselves this year!


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you, especially to one special mom… MINE!  Love you, Mom.


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