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What a super fun post to share with you all today!  Blogs are definitely big for me, and not just because I write one.  I love reading blogs about creative businesses, about friendships, about how to keep your house from exploding!  I'm gathering that some of you might like to read blogs too, since you're reading this one.  Today I thought it would be fun to share our favorite blogs here.  I'll start by sharing my top five favorite blogs, and then I'll invite and encourage you to share some of your favorites with us in the comments below.  OK?  Let's get started!

(Note: Click on any Blog Name to be taken to that site.)



This blog is a great resource for those female entrepreneurs who want their lives and their businesses to be faith centered.  This blog has everything from tutorials to empowering messages, from a variety of different writers and voices.  In addition, there is a "Women To Watch" link that allows us ladies to be inspired by other women.  In a world where we are often led to compete with each other, feel "less than" with each other, how refreshing to find a resource where we are inspired by each other, and encouraged to celebrate each other's success, and share our insight with other women.  Love this.



This blog is straight out creative business gold.  Not only have I spent hours reading through the pages and pages of valuable tips, but I've signed on for workshops and more.  And I've yet to pay a cent for any of it.  This blog has inspired me with content, but it's also shown me first hand HOW to blog.  I've learned that readers want value, they want to learn.  A reader's time is valuable, so I better not waste it with anything but helpful and great content.  This is what I'm striving for.  And this blog teaches me how to do it!  It's such a pretty blog too.  Bold, colorful, eye-popping.  XO Sarah knows what she is doing.  If you do any kind of creative entrepreneur-ing (is that even a word?), then this blog is a MUST!



This is my "could I actuall do this?" blog.  Made for the DIYer in all of us, this blog offers tutorials on everything from creating beauty on a budget (umm... SCORE!) to decorating when you rent (or for us, live in school housing!).  I am NOT the queen of the DIY, but this site actually offers ideas that I can do.  And it's just my style!  Designers, decorators, and DIYers, check this blog out!



There are few blogs that show up in my inbox each day that actually get OPENED each day. THIS is one.  Written by three girlfriends who range in age, experience, and I THINK even geographical location (I believe they all live in NC, but not too nearby each other- I could be wrong), these women offer daily devotionals that touch the heart of a woman.  I love that each brings her own voice to the table, her own struggles, her own lessons learned, her own journey to us.  I love that they take readers into God's Word each day, and that they offer prayers for us to share with them at the end of every blog.  This blog goes hand in hand with my morning coffee.  You might look into starting your day with it too.



OK, so I'm not entirely sure you can call this one a "blog", but I am honestly not sure I have ever come across so much outstanding information in one place.  Now again, this is a blog/site/goldmine for "infopreneurs".  I love that term.  Regina's site has video after video, tutorial after tutorial, workshop after workshop on how to create all sorts of informative content- everything from Ebooks, to workshops, to mini-courses.  Yes, I took her mini-course on how to create a mini-course.  Gotta love that!  And just like with XO Sarah, I have yet to spend a dime with her.  Although she is definitely worth the investment I'm sure.  And that's kind of the point.  This blog/resource has shown me the importance of GIVING.  Give to your audience.  Without expecting anything in return.  I hope that's what I am on my way to doing.  I'm excited to have found this resource.  I encourage you all to check her out too!  Oh and she's super casual and authentic.  I love her everyday style.  She makes me feel like "I can do that!".  Love her!


OK, so those are my top five favorite blogs.  Whether your an entrepreneur, a mom, a woman, or any combination, hopefully at least one of these could appeal to you.  

Now it's your turn!  Share with us your favorite blog in the comment below.  If possible share the link too so we can head there for ourselves.  Let's discover new resources together!

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