50 Ways To Show Love With Your Camera
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By Jennifer Lebo
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I am lucky and blessed to have a lot of love in my life.

I love my family.  I have the most wonderful friends.  I love photography and my job as a portrait photographer.  I love encouraging others.  I love writing this blog, and sharing my thoughts and ideas, even if only five people are reading it.

What I'd like to share with you today is how fun it is for me to combine all of these wonderful things together- friendship, family, fun, photography.  I love to use my photography to express my love.  But rather than bore you with more stories, I thought I'd just offer you a list of my favorite ways to do that.  Short, sweet, and to the point!

1. Display photos of the ones you love!  Get them off your computer and onto your walls.  Be reminded daily of your favorite people.

2. Do a "photo a day" project for the first year of your baby's lives.  My sister-in-law did this and it was wonderful!

3. Take photos of your children doing their favorite things.  This could be as simple as reading, or coloring.  Capture it.

4. Invite your girlfriends out for coffee and photos.  Tell everyone to bring their camera (or phone!), as this date is for capturing photos.  Share them all with each other.

5. Send your parents a framed photo of your family- one that includes you!

6. Carry your camera with you more often.  Then you'll never miss an unexpected photo opp.

7. Take a selfie and text it to your significant other- just a simple smile in the middle of the day for no reason.  What a great way to say "I love you!"

8. Post old snapshots of your babies to a bulletin board in your office.  Everyday photos of them from years ago.  Be reminded of the good old days everyday.

9. Invite your social media friends to share old photos of the two of you, or the group of you.  Create a visual memory post!

10. Invite your bestie out for an afternoon with her kids.  Offer to be her photographer for the day so you can capture her life as mom.

11. Take photos of your baby's feet, lips, nose, ears.  All the little parts that will soon grow big and strong.  Capture them in their baby stage.

12. Take your daughter out with you on a photo shoot.  Not necessarily to take photos OF her, but to take photos WITH her.  Share your passion with her.

13. Take your favorite photos from the past year and create a simple album.  Many sites offer templates where you can drag and drop.  No words necessary.  Just create a tangible memory of the past year.

14. Take photos of your partner's special place and have it framed for him.

15. Capture some photos of your friends and you enjoying a favorite pastime together.  (fair warning to my friends- I plan on doing this very soon)

16. Make plans to take photos of your friend's children.  Have them framed and gift her with them for her birthday.

17. Spend an afternoon going through old photos with your siblings, or your parents.  My dad and I love doing this together.

18. Take a photo of your furry, four-legged best friend.  Frame it and add it to your family photos.  (I can't be the only one who considers the dog family!)

19. Take a photo of yourself with your mother.  You will never ever regret that.

20. Have photos taken of your parents, so you can have something to treasure for always.

21. Capture the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Some of my favorite photos are ones of my kids crying!  (that sounds horrible, doesn't it)

22. Don't stop taking photos of your spouse.  There might be kids, a house, a dog, jobs, bills.  But it all started with his smile, his eyes, his heart.  

23. Take photos of your kids with dad.  If you're like me, seeing your husband loving your kids is heart-melting.  You'll want to capture that.

24. Take a photography course.  Learn more about how to improve your skills, so that you can capture more of what you love.

25. Invite your daughter's friends over for a playdate, and let their moms know you'll be taking photos of the afternoon.  Your daughter will love to have memories with her best friends!

26. Take your kids out for ice cream at sunset.  Bring your camera and capture the joy.

27. Spend an afternoon writing down the little things you love about each of your children.  Then find a way to capture those little things with your camera.

28. Take a photo of your child in his favorite outfit.  Do this periodically.  Then laugh as their styles change.

29. Take photos of your babies sleeping.  

30. Take photos of your daughter with her favorite stuffed animals, or her baby dolls.  What a gift for her later on.

31. Give your teenager a new camera.  A decent entry level camera won't break the bank, and it might get you two out shooting together.

32. Spend an evening with your spouse going through your wedding photos together.  Laugh about how young and naive you were.

33. Take your camera on a solo walk on a quiet morning.  Capture the THINGS you love.  Be mindful of how much you love what's around you.

34. Capture at least one photo from every birthday in your house.  With a camera.  Not just with a phone.  (this one is very hard for me)

35. Take a photo of your home.  Your front door, or your kitchen table.  An image that symbolizes home to you.  Frame it.

36. Take note of anything your child, particularly your daughter, might struggle with concerning her physical features.  Photograph her in a way that shows her how beautiful those features really are.

37. Photograph your friend with her teenage boy(s).  I could think of few things I'd love more than a photo of my oldest boy hugging me.  He still loves me right?  ;)

38. Take a photo of the kids playing around with the dog.  Frame the results (I'm doing this for sure- this week!!!)

39. Get a photo of your mother with your daughter, or your father with your son.  Criss-cross generations.  Capture time.

40. Spend an evening going through vacation photos with the family.  Get excited about the next vacation together.  Family time is treasured time. 

41. Bring your camera along on a weekend getaway with the girls.  A friend and I are planning one this summer, and you better believe I'm bringing my camera!

42. Take the kids on a picnic, even if it's just out in the backyard.  Photograph the fun.

43. Ask your child's teacher if you can get a photo of them together.  My children have had some of the most wonderful teachers.  I love having photos of them.

44. Frame a photo of your child with her best friend.  Put that photo in her room.  

45. Be ready to capture photos of your kids loving on each other.  If your house is like mine, this is becoming a rare occasion.  So I capture it when I can!

46. Keep a photo of your husband next to your bed.  Even though he's right there, he'll know he's still (and always) your extra special someone.

47. Send a thank you to someone who helped you or your child through a tough time (like a hospital stay).  Include a photo of that child so they can always remember.

48. Capture everyday memories, in addition to the special occasions.  You'll enjoy looking back and remembering what everyday life was like when the kids were young.

49. Make a habit tracker, and add "TAKE PHOTOS" to the list of habits.  Make photo taking a daily habit.

50.  Stretch yourself and think outside the box.  Find new ways to photograph the ones you love.  Take chances and keep learning.  Your memories will become more and more beautiful with every new discovery.

So what did I miss?  

Share some of your own favorite ways to share love with your camera!  I'm always looking for new ways to share love!

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