#GodWithinHer is a faith based teen ministry that couples beautiful portraits with the word of God. It allows teen girls the chance to speak out in faith as their images are tied to Scripture.

Sharing your faith can be really hard, especially in the tumultuous teen years. This is a beautiful way to share Christ without having to speak a word. Whether by being a model or by simply sharing the images through social media, teen girls can now express their faith a little easier and enjoy a wonderful portrait experience with other Christian girls in the process.

 But to be honest, this isn't just for the teens in front of my camera. It's for the heart behind my camera. Spending time with these young ladies, creating beautiful portraits for them, spending time in the word to connect the images to Scripture, and then sharing these pieces with viewers: this is a gift to me. This allows me to share my faith. It allows me to be an encourager to girls everywhere, young and "not as young". Most of all, it gives me the amazing pleasure of using my craft to glorify God.


Portrait sessions are ALWAYS free, are usually two per season, and are open to all teen girls who are comfortable with the purpose behind the portraits. Any interested teens can contact me anytime to be part of this ministry.