A Tribute To Mom
A Tribute To Mom

 Taking the time today to send a very special HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the beautiful mothers I know.  And to all the beautiful mothers YOU know!What a gift to be surrounded by so many amazing moms.  Mothers who are just starting out on this crazy awesome ride called parenthood, and mothers who have become grandmothers, and great-grandmothers.  So many precious examples of how to raise our kids, of how to encourage each other, and of how to enjoy the ride.Here's to all of you amazing moms out there.And especially to the special mothers in my life: my sisters-in-law, Tara and Dani, my wonderful mother-in-law, Carol, and my precious mother, Mary Jane.  I'm so thankful for each of you.HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! 

Q and A with Avery McGlenn
A Tribute To Mom

 When Avery and I met this past summer, we clicked instantly!  Literally.Avery and I are neighbors, colleagues, and friends, as we both live on the beautiful Fountain Valley School campus of Colorado Springs.  As I shared in my last post (missed it?  Read it HERE), Avery and I knew pretty quickly that we needed to do something together, and it became clear almost as quickly what that "something" would be centered around.This partnership and this journey goes deeper than two photographers who happened to find themselves as neighbors and then friends.  It goes even deeper than the discovery that we both played hockey at our beloved Colgate University.  Granted, she played on the ice, and I played on the field and there was about a decade in between those years, but still!  And deeper still than our journey into motherhood, into pouring our hearts into our precious babies.Avery is absolutely wonderful.  Her heart for her family, her work, and her photography are exceptional.  And her passion to empower girls, both young and old, concerning their beauty, their value, their self worth- well that pretty much makes her my soul sister!But don't take my word for it!  Let me share her with you here, today.I asked Avery a few questions about her life and her passions.  I am excited to share her voice with you here today, along with ...

A Tribute To Mom

 Despite what the Colorado weather forecast has been telling me lately, spring has sprung.  And with it, the JLP Senior Rep program!  I am so excited about the group of models I have for the Class of 2017, and cannot wait to share them with you.  Starting with Marissa!Marissa is a rising senior at Fountain Valley School, and she is actually the very first JLP Rep who is also a student of mine.  How lucky am I?  I get to teach AND photograph this lovely lady!I thought it would be more fun for you to hear her words rather than mine, so I asked Marissa to share a little bit about herself, as we share her spring JLP Rep portraits.Enjoy! WHAT I LOVE TO DO IN MY FREE TIME...As cheesy as it sounds, in my free time I really just enjoy hanging out with my friends.  Watching movies, going on hikes, eating food that's bad for us.  Just hanging around and having a good time. THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME...Three words that describe me are open-minded, forgiving, and curious. IF I COULD MOVE ANYWHERE, I WOULD MOVE TO...I would move to Seattle, WA.  I just love the rain.  Plus, then I can become Meredith Grey and life would be perfect! WHAT EXCITES ME MOST ABOUT BEING A HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR IS...What excites me most is being in the mindset of doing everything full-hearted, because it's the last time I will get to. WHAT ...

Exciting News! A New Partnership And A Powerful Workshop!
A Tribute To Mom

In my last post, I spoke about my decision to omit the sexy poses and expressions from my work.  This omission has been a part of my work for quite a while now, as I believe there is a lot of pressure out there for girls of all ages to be someone or something that they are not.  We see this everywhere from social media, to celebrity gossip magazines, to reality television, to the kids in school.  Our girls are feeling the pressure, and they are feeling it at a younger and younger age.  It's enough to make a mother throw up her hands in hopelessness.  Enough to make a photographer throw down her camera in disgust.Or maybe not.I write to you this morning, not in hopelessness and frustration, but filled with overwhelming hope and a strong vision for the future.  And I am not alone.As I've shared, this year brought us back out to Colorado, a return to our beautiful, purple-mountained home.  Upon arrival back at our Fountain Valley School, I met the most wonderful woman, a fellow photographer and mom to two little ones, not to mention a fellow alum of my beloved Colgate University!  Avery and I clicked immediately (yes, pun intended) and began heading down a road together- literally.  Our friendship blossomed over campus walks during free periods, and as we walked campus loop after campus loop, we shared ideas about our businesses, ...

Why I Don't Shoot The Sexy Stuff
A Tribute To Mom

This morning I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I saw a portrait ad from a photographer that I follow.  The ad was inviting teens to be a part of her high school senior modeling program, and it featured five teenage girls, all dressed in PJs (nothing slinky, but definitely sleepwear), all on a big, fluffy, white bed, all leaning seductively on each other, with serious expressions, not a smile among them.Another sexy portrait of girls who haven't even graduated from high school.This seems to be the "it" thing these days, the sexy and sultry portraits of high school seniors, that are infiltrating our social media newsfeeds.  These images are everywhere from Pinterest to Facebook, although I highly doubt they are adorning the walls of their parents' homes.  These photos are ones that younger girls everywhere are seeing, and trying to imitate, which is why we are now seeing tweens and girls even younger skipping the smiles for the duck mouth (what is that???) or the "this is way too old for a little girl" pose.This is why I don't shoot the sexy stuff.Now I don't want to come off preachy here.  I know there's a time and a place for such expressions and such poses.  But I don't believe the time is high school, and I don't believe the place is social media.  I believe that the more our daughters (young and old) see these types of poses and ...

How To Organize Your Photos On The Computer
A Tribute To Mom

You've finally got a few minutes to sit down and order the portraits that you've been wanting to hang in the living room.  Yes it's almost May, and sure those photos were taken some time in the fall (of last year?), but you've been busy, and the task kept slipping to the bottom of your "to do" list.  But now!  Now you've got a few minutes between work and soccer practice and the task is fresh in your mind.  So you sit down to make that portrait order.  If only you could remember where those portraits are!  Where did you save them?  Was it in the document folder?  Did you name them something special?  Are they in an email somewhere?  Oh this could take a while.  And so you give up for now.  You don't have time to search now.  You'll make that order another time.  And so another day, another week, another month goes by.  Ever experience this?  I used to.  A lot!  When my kids were first born, I took photos of them all the time (they won't let me now).  And I'd throw the day's photos into the picture folder of my computer and maybe name a few.  Scotty 6 months.  Brady new dress.  Mike first bath.  It was so easy and fun to go back and look at those photos.  Until they started multiplying.  A lot.  And I would have to scroll forever to find that one ...

Last Chance: Mother's Day Special
A Tribute To Mom

Hi and Happy Friday!Sending you a short post today.  A simple reminder that today is the last day to gift Mom with a portrait session this Mother's Day, and at a special price!  CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!  GIVE THE MOM IN YOUR LIFE SOMETHING EXTRA SPECIAL THIS MOTHER'S DAY! Can't wait to hear from you!

How I Use Pinterest For Portraits
A Tribute To Mom

I love Pinterest!  My friends always know what's going on in my life just by my recent "pins".  I actually had a friend email me last week wishing me good luck on our upcoming housing move.  I had not told her we were moving.  She just saw all of my recent pins on home decor and refinishing furniture!  Yes, Pinterest is one of my favorite tools for everything from home decor to parenting, from fashion to workouts to party planning.  Pinterest is my planning partner.And that goes for Portrait Day planning too!  Here are a few ways that I use Pinterest when preparing for a portrait session. 1. DECIDING WHAT TO WEARThis is one of the first pieces to consider when planning a portrait session, and Pinterest is a great place to begin organizing this.  There are endless pins and pages on great outfit combinations, how to dress your kids, your husband, yourself, in whatever season, and in whatever style.  I often send moms to my "What to Wear" Pinterest board as a starting place for them to get ideas on outfit choices.  What better way to begin planning for portraits than by actually visualizing wardrobe options?  And by the way, this idea goes TENFOLD for planning senior photo sessions!    2. CHOOSING A COLOR PALETTEBeyond just choosing what to wear, it's sometimes difficult to consider whether orange really ...

My Craziest Portrait Session Experience
A Tribute To Mom

There I was squatting on the steps of the Art Museum in Philadelphia, beads of sweat pouring down my temples, partly from the sweltering heat, and partly from the stares from strangers walking by.  Just me, my camera, and three lovely young ladies in beautiful dresses, posing under the August heat, one of their moms holding a reflector beneath them.  What in the world was I doing here?  Why had I thought a Philly photo shoot would be a good idea?  This had to be the craziest session I'd ever shot.That session was almost 3 years ago, and I still break out into a sweat when I remember that moment on the Art Museum steps.  But as surely as I would say that session was the craziest one to date, it also ranks up there with being one of my all time favorite photographic experiences.  Because for every fear, for every uncertainty, there was a powerful lesson learned, one that I can carry with me through my business and through life.  Perhaps these lessons might resonate with you too.   CRAZY POINT 1- I HATE CITIES!I have never been a city girl.  Put me on the busy streets of any city, and my body immediately tenses up.  Put me behind the wheel on one of those streets, and I'm a wreck.  So why in the world would i choose to bring 3 teenaged girls and one mom into the city?  Why would I begin a photo shoot with extreme ...

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