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Quick Momtographer Tip: Where's Your Horizon?
Quick Momtographer Tip: Where's Your Horizon?

 Hi Momtographers!  How's summer going?  Have you been taking your camera with you everywhere?  Capturing summer moments of your family?  Need some help?Well, first CLICK HERE for my post on Ten Must-Have Kid Pics for summer!Or CLICK HERE for my Momtography Mini Workbook!Today I want to share with you one simple question to always ask yourself when taking photos.Where is the horizon?It's important to keep your horizon out of the center of your frame.  Put it in the center, and your viewer won't know what she's looking at.  Is this image of a beautiful sky?  Or of a beautiful landscape?  Where should my attention be? Now this might seem simple enough, but keep in mind that sometimes images have different horizons.  Like the image below.  Is the horizon at the top of the mountains, where mountains meet sky?  Or is it where the grass meets the dunes?  Hmm… tough one.  Simple solution… keep them both away from the center of your photo. Decide early on where you want all eyes to go.  Most times it's easy to tell.  The sky will stand out, or the sunset.  Or perhaps the gorgeous mountains, or a tranquil lake.  Wherever it is that you want eyes going, make that the majority of your image.  If it's sky, then make the ground 1/3 of your image (remember the ...

Three Treasures To Keep For Our Daughters
Quick Momtographer Tip: Where's Your Horizon?

 I don't know why, but it's been happening a lot lately.  She's only ten years old, and yet lately when I look at her, I see time passing us by.  And doing so way too quickly.My daughter is one in a million.  Stuck between two brothers, she is literally and figuratively the center of our family.  She is a wonderful combination of dirt and grime mixed with ribbons and bows, and wrapped up in a little more sass than I'd like these days.  But she is such a treasure.  She is, hands down, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life, and despite the fact that we already butt heads on a daily basis, I love her so much it actually hurts sometimes.Oh you have a daughter like that, too?  I thought you did. Our little girls are growing up fast.  Too fast!  Before we know it, they'll be (gasp!) teenagers, or headed off to college, or (oh my goodness!) getting married and starting families of their own.  As we prepare our little girls to head off on their own journeys, let's set aside some of our own personal treasures for them.  They may be young now, but someday these few items will be a precious gift to them. 1. OUR WEDDING GOWNIt's probably safe to say that we all have our wedding gown somewhere, pressed and put away, ready to pass down to our daughter someday.  I hate to admit this so many ...

Five Essentials For Travel Pics
Quick Momtographer Tip: Where's Your Horizon?

 It all seems endless.As I sit here, just a few days away from Departure Day, preparing for yet another epic road trip with my family, it all seems endless.The piles of clothes, some of which need to be washed, some folded, some put away, some packed.  When did we even get all these clothes?  Do we have play clothes, clothes for the wedding next month, clothes for rain, or chillier temperatures?  Do we have the right shoes, and hats, and did I pack everyone clean underwear?  Oh, it all seems endless.Then there are the To Do lists.  What to pack, what errands to run before we leave, what we MUST NOT forget (the nebulizer!!!), and what snacks are essential to 3 kids surviving in a minivan for 4 days.  Oh and the list of movies.  We must not forget the movies!  It all seems endless.But there's also the itinerary.  Did we book the hotels?  Do we know the route we're driving?  Are we sure that there is a rest stop along that highway around the time when we'll need to stop?  Are we driving too many miles in one day?  Are we not driving enough miles in a day?  Oh, it all seems endless.  (Disclaimer- thankfully, my awesome husband handles all things itinerary!)Truly, planning for any kind of summer travel can be daunting.  So the idea of adding travel pics to all of it might seem insane. And maybe it ...

How To Create A Momtography Community
Quick Momtographer Tip: Where's Your Horizon?

 Today's blog topic has been on my mind a lot lately.  MOMOTOGRAPHY COMMUNITIES.But before I start in on how to create one, it might be important to explain what the heck one is, and why it would be so helpful to us moms.WHAT IS A MOMTOGRAPHY COMMUNITY?Well, I'm not sure.  I just made that term up.  But the way I see it, whenever I decide to try something new, the first thing I do is call one of my friends.  Starting a new fitness program?  Text my girls.  Thinking about a 30 Day Whole Food Challenge?  Call the crew!  Ready to take on the challenge of improving my photography?  Yup.  Time to call the girls.I cannot be alone in not wanting to be alone.  We women seem wired to do things in groups, in communities.  Heck, we even go to the ladies' room in communities (ok, we don't call them communities, but still, we all know we do it).  Women want community.   WHY WE LOVE AND THRIVE IN COMMUNITIESWe women love being together, but why?First, we know that "in union there is strength" (-Aesop).  If I want to succeed, I'll have a better shot at it if I'm not alone.  Think about the last time you attempted a challenge.  Maybe you decided to eat healthy for 30 days, or you found a race you wanted to start training for.  Did you go it alone?  How did that work for you? ...

Quick Momtographer Tip: Where's Your Horizon?

 I'm so excited to share this blog post with you today, because I am so excited to introduce you to this young lady.  Hannah is a rising senior at Mesa Ridge High School, and she is fantastic!  She is preparing to lead her class next year as their student body president, and when she's not serving her classmates, you can find her acting, or reading the latest literary masterpiece.  Add to that an overwhelming heart for others, and you've scratched the surface of who this fabulous girl really is.But why listen to me?  Let's let her share a little bit about herself today! WHAT I LOVE TO DO IN MY FREE TIME IS….I love to go for walks in my free time and spend time with my dogs and family! THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE ME ARE...Passionate, independent, and adventurous! IF I COULD MOVE ANYWHERE, I WOULD MOVE TO...I would probably move to Oregon or Washington because I absolutely love the rain… or maybe I'd stay in Colorado because I love the mountains so much.  It's hard to say! WHAT EXCITES ME MOST ABOUT BEING A HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR IS...… that I'm so close to being finished! WHAT MAKES ME MOST NERVOUS ABOUT BEING A HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR IS...… what comes after being one! MY FRIENDS WOULD DEFINITELY SAY THAT I AM...… an interesting personality! SOMETHING A LOT OF PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME IS ...