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Teach Me How To Give
Teach Me How To Give

Today's blog post will be short and sweet, but I hope will spark conversation, or thought, or even better... action.I have been thinking a lot lately about giving.  Between the current state of our country and its politics, the wonderful stories behind the Summer Olympics, and even the inspiring stories I find on social media each day, I am struck by how much we can give, and how sometimes, we forget to give.I've also been reminded a lot lately of my faith, and what God calls each of us who call ourselves Christ followers to do.  Give.  Love.  Serve.And so I've been thinking a lot about this.  I want to give more, love more, serve more.  Particularly with my camera.  I'm not writing you with an answer.  I am at the beginning of this journey, but want very much to pursue giving and serving with my camera.  I write you today with a desire to hear from you.  I write you today with questions.Where do you see love and service in your life?  How can you give more with what you've been giving?What about me?  How can a woman with a camera serve those around her?I'm all ears and would love to hear your thoughts! 

Celebrating Besties With The SECOND Giveaway!
Teach Me How To Give

 Happy Monday and welcome to the next super fun Besties Giveaway!  Last week celebrated high school besties.  Congratulations to Hannah and her BFFs who won a free mini session and the digitals that go with it!  I cannot wait to capture your friendship for you all!This week is for the rest of us!  Those who said goodbye to high school long ago (or maybe not too long ago).  This one's for you!And it's not just for Instagram too, but for Facebook, or Twitter, or even Pinterest!Again, the winner and her (or his!?) besties will receive a FREE MINI SESSION and 20 DIGITAL IMAGES!  HOW TO ENTER & WIN:1. Share THIS BLOG POST on Facebook and tag Jen Lebo Photography and your BFFs.OR2. Share any Facebook post about this #JLPBestiesContest on Facebook and tag Jen Lebo Photography and your BFFs.OR3. Share THIS BLOG POST or any post you see about this #JLPBestiesContest on Twitter and tag Jen Lebo Photography and your BFFs.OR4. Share THIS BLOG POST or any post you see about this #JLPBestiesContest on Instagram and tag Jen Lebo Photography and your BFFs.OR5. Share THIS BLOG POST or any post you see about this #JLPBestiesContest on Pinterest and tag Jen Lebo Photography and your BFFs. With EVERY share you are entered again to win, so the more you share the better!REMEMBER TO SHARE JEN LEBO PHOTOGRAPHY WITH EVERY SHARE SO THAT I CAN ...

The JLP Besties Giveaway on Instagram!
Teach Me How To Give

 I have been so excited to share this giveaway with you!  And it's finally here.  But it's not here.  It's on INSTAGRAM! This Instagram Giveaway is for ALL TEENS!  Not just seniors, and not just the ladies.  All are welcome to enter!I will be giving away ONE JLP BESTIES MINI SESSION.  That means 30 minutes of fun with up to 3 besties, along with 20 digital files!  All FREE!  But you have to enter on Instagram, so find me there! JUST CLICK ON THE LINK HERE, OR ON THE IMAGE ABOVE TO GO TO THE JLP INSTAGRAM PAGE.  THEN FOLLOW ME THERE TO GET IN ON THE CONTEST! The contest will be so fun, but it will be fast too.  Just 3 days, starting today, so don't wait!  Grab your besties, and come find me on Instagram!   

Celebrating Besties With Giveaways!
Teach Me How To Give

 Happy Monday and Happy August!It's hard to believe we are already looking at this final month of summer, and gearing up for school, which for our kids comes in just a couple of weeks.  I'm not going to lie.  I'm so sad today.So today I'm deciding to do something happy!  I had originally planned to offer a giveaway for all teens to celebrate their besties.  But these last few weeks have been a wonderful reminder that we all can celebrate our besties no matter what age, and that often our friends become even more cherished as we get older.  So I'm taking this a step further.Over the next week, I will be offering TWO GIVEAWAYS!The first giveaway starts on Wednesday and is for all teens in the area.  Details are coming on the blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram in just two days!The second giveaway will be open to all besties, young and "not as young".  It will center around celebrating the special friends in our lives, and will offer a mini session and free digitals as the prize.  Check here on the blog, on Facebook, and Instagram one week from today for details.TWO GIVEAWAYS IN ONE WEEK!  I can't think of a better way to beat the "end of summer blues".See you on Wednesday for the start of the first giveaway! 

Celebrating Our Besties: Part 2 (and A Special Giveaway!)
Teach Me How To Give

 I write you this morning exhausted but filled with gratitude.  The last 3 days were a flurry of friends, new and old, coming in and out of our new home.  As my "bestie" returned to FVS  with her family, she seemed to bring with her friends from years past and from just around the block.  And as sad as it was to see her head home yesterday, it filled me with the realization of how wonderful life can be with a house filled with friends.  And it filled me with gratitude.Again, we didn't get a lot of photos because we were too busy enjoying our time together.  But we did manage to catch this one of all the ladies together. Friendship is a gift, and it's especially so for us girls.  I'm so thankful for friends, old and new.  Thankful for friends who live 100 yards away, and for those who live 1,000 miles away.  Thankful for friends who are here for a day, a season, or a lifetime.How about you?  Take a moment to think about the friends in your life.  Who comes to mind first?  Who makes you smile or laugh?  Who holds you up when you cry?On Monday, I'll be launching a giveaway for teens and their besties.  Today, I say thank you to all the friends in my life.  Thank you.